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Energy Tennis is here and running sessions for all ages across Valentines and Clayhall Park.

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Energy Tennis is here

Do you want you or your child to achieve and succeed? We know ENERGY Tennis is where they can do just that!

We can help nurture a players skill to accomplish greatness. Whether it’s learning teamwork, social and/or cognitive skills, we are here to help you develop enabling you to become the best tennis player and person you can be!

We are offering a full tennis program catering to all ages and are committed to providing quality and affordable coaching! Everyone is welcome! All you need to do is bring yourself or your child to a session, and with the right commitment and ENERGY, you'll reap the rewards!

1-2-1 Sessions are available

Please give us a call on 077 7036 8930 for enquires and bookings.


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Valentines Park

Day Session Time Age Group
Saturday CET 9.30AM - 10.30AM 18+
ASET 10.30PM - 11.30AM 18+
Sunday ASET 5.30PM - 6.30PM 18+

About Us

Imran & Wasim are fully licensed grassroot LTA Coaches. They have over 16 years of coaching experience between them and have played to a high level. They are now dedicated to passing on their knowledge and experience to all in the community!

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Please note that when booking our sessions they are done monthly. If more than one session is rained off in your monthly booking then you’ll be refunded the rained off lesson fee minus the fee for processing the payment. For instance, if you booked a month containing 4 lessons and it was rained off all 4 lessons – you’ll receive a refund of 3 lessons minus the fees for processing their payment.

Alternatively, instead of receiving a refund you can choose to receive a credit voucher to attend another lesson as long as you email [email protected] before the end of the month.

Please note that the coach will email all participants registered to a session at least 30-45 mins before the start of the session only if it’s going to be cancelled. If it rains during a session please understand the lesson has started and you’ll not receive a refund regardless of the weather from there on out.

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